Wheel Re-Fit Party 12th August

Hi everyone… We have two parties going on! One on Wednesday night (10th August) which is the official ‘cut up the old carpet’ party. If you would like to preserve a little piece of Catherine wheel history then feel free to come and have a piece of our muchly worn out carpet. Dan and Rob have already bagged the bit under the fruit machine as thats the spot that they met. Everyone say ahhhhh. We will be closed on Thursday 11th and reopening on Friday 12th for THE big refit party. We have an exciting night for you… including walking (YES walking) on the new carpet! We have Cabaret from Miss Tilly Thrill, hot from Gran Canaria, the wonderful singing of Shani, and Father Phil him/herself is coming to bless the new pile! Music... »View More

New Wheel Website

It’s been a long time coming, but finally we have a new website for all our Catherine Wheel customers to visit and interact with us. Whilst still in the early stages of re-development we plan to add a whole host of new features and ways for you to interact with the staff and customers in the Wheel. Being the nice and friendly bunch we are in the Wheel, we’d love to hear from you about your ideas for making the InTheWheel.co.uk website work for you, with this in mind please feel free to tell us what features you’d like us to add to this website and if we can make it happen we certainly will. There are a few ways you can give us your ideas, you can email them to us Click Here to drop us a line, or you can talk to Bernice and... »View More