Catherine Wheel Does Pride 2011

July 30th 2011 was the 3rd Norwich Pride, and for the 3rd year in a row The Catherine Wheel were out in force to show there support for the event.

As with previous years Bernice and Dawn worked together with East Coast Truckers who once again supplied the main stage for the event, this year sporting our all new Catherine Wheel banner and lead off by Dawn’s mum the Wheelies really got behind the event, with plenty of our We Love the Catherine Wheel T-Shirts hovering around both the parade and outside the forum.

The crowd that ended up behind the Wheel banner really showed just how popular and love the Catherine Wheel is as an LGBT venue in Norwich, and we were as ever proud to have so many people there supporting both the Catherine Wheel and of course Norwich Pride.

Of course there are plenty of pictures around, all we have to do is get them all collected in and pick the best ones and we’ll be adding them to the website as soon as we can,

If you have any pictures you’d like to have appear on our website please feel free to email them to us at, if you have them we’d love to see pictures featuring either our new banner or of course any of our regulars, because we love you all and want as many of you to feel this website belongs as much to you as it does to us.

Bernice and Dawn

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